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In this morning's Breakfast Bible Study, we reflected upon Colossians 3:1-17 about The New Life in Christ.  Through the imagery of clothing Paul urges the Colossians as a new people in Christ to "put off" all sorts of evil in relationships and to “put on” the graces of Christ which lead to unity and harmony through love.  

One participant mentioned the clothing analogy did not work for him specifically.  He could envision himself standing in front of his closet, pulling out different articles of his wardrobe, debating whether or not he's wearing Compassion or Kindness, to be coordinated with either Humility or Gentleness.  And just what exactly says Patience the right way to complete the ensemble?  An interesting dilemma indeed.  

I've never seen "Project Runway" on Bravo, but I wonder how aspiring fashion designers would clothe someone for a New Life in Christ.