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Drawing A New Line In The Sand

In all turf wars, a line is first drawn in the sand by one party, claiming right of and privilege to that space remaining behind their line.  In most instances, the other contrary party takes offense to the space taken and re-draws the line in an effort to re-claim that which they thought was theirs.  Is this not where we find ourselves this day after The House of Bishops of The Episcopal Church responded to the larger Anglican Communion?  

See the full statement here: http://episcopalchurch.typepad.com/episcope/2007/09/the-statement.html

Perhaps the difference here is TEC wants to continue the dialogue while most primates in the world-wide Communion seek only obedience from the TEC to do as they've been told.  The gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered among us who seek a devout and loving relationship with the eternal and everlasting God and continue to hope and pray for that promised salvation through communion in The Episcopal Church may be hurt by this statement from our Bishops.  And some may be heartened by it.  

As for me, I still see the stick in our church's hand, striving to draw a new line in the sand.  Let us all hope and pray.