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Who Me!

In the mailing I received from my CPE Supervisor is a single page exercise called "The Shield".  It's one of those ice-breaker conventions by which each of us CPE interns will begin sharing more about ourselves than just name, age, denomination, and status.  I've done these before for Sunday School classes and youth group gatherings, as well as for corporate arena team building activities in my former workplace.  I usually try to dig a little deeper in hopes that others will reveal something 'new' about themselves.  Now I join a new group of people, none of whom I know at all.  They will be entirely new to me, and I will be an unknown to them.  Thankfully, we don't present these in our group until  Week Two so I'll have a little exposure to them beforehand.  Of course, this isn't about them.  This really is one of those times when it's all about me!   

The different portions of the shield include;
    o  Saddest Moment in Past Year
    o  3 Things You Do Well
    o  3 Growing Edges
    o  Happiest Moment/Achievement in Past Year
    o  3 Words You Would Like or Not Like People to Say About You 
    o  If You had $200,000 and One Year ...
    o  What do I "hold fast" to?

The thoughts are already forming.  Some come easier than others.  I have decided that rather than draw pictures, I'll cut pictures from magazines that visually represent or metaphorically speak to these aspects of my being.  I think this will be fun.  More to come later.