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God's Minute: September 28th

There is much to be done to prepare our home to welcome my father who will attend the Alumni Convocation at VTS next week.  And I just made an appointment for Gibbs to have a bump on his left shoulder checked out.  It's probably a reaction to one of his vaccinations when he was neutered.  This should be interesting to see if he has any residual bad feelings going back to the place (the vet hospital) where he had his puppyhood taken from him.  Amidst all those things to yet be done, and a Requiem for a friend this afternoon, I'll pause a minute with God to offer Him thanksgivings and praise for my many blessings.  This scripture reference and prayer are courtesy of "God's Minute":

He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.--1 John 1:9.

Almighty God of the Heaven, the earth and the sea!  God of our fathers and God of the nations!  Hear us, we pray Thee.  Forgive our sins and remove our transgressions far from us.  Help us, that we may behold Thy glory.
Help us to see the beauties of Thy law, and to feel the quickening power of Thy wonderful love.  Give us, we pray Thee, broad faith, bright hopes, strong love and a firm step to meet the duties of life.
Let our hearts sing for joy in the remembrance of Thy goodness.  Keep us in strength, that we may serve Thee.  We praise Thee for Thy many and signal blessings vouchsafed to us, not only as individuals, but also as a people and a nation.  We thank Thee for our forefathers, for Thy manifold blessings bestowed upon them, and through them upon us, their children.  We pray Thee, O God, for grace to enable us to live useful lives, helpful to our fellow-men.
May wars and strife cease, and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ.  Hear our prayer for our Redeemer's sake.  Amen.

Lucian J. Fosdick,
Dorchester, Mass.