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My Father's Wisdom: God's Radio

We're really enjoying having my father stay with us a few days while he attends the Alumni Convocation functions at VTS.  

This morning he saw a former NH clergy colleague Bob+ (our Rector at Grace Church) for an all-too-brief reunion of sorts.  It was fun to sit and watch the two of them catch up with one another and the latest news of others they both know.  I still hope and pray for the day when Bob+, my Dad+ and I all serve at the altar together.  After some errands, I took Dad to the two Goodwin House locations (at GH Alexandria, he met 'Rocker Chick' Jane who gave him a brief tour while I stopped at the health clinic for Part Two of my TB testing before CPE starts Friday; and GH Bailey's Crossroads, the site of his class reunion dinner tonight and where I'll be for CPE).  Finally, we cruised around the seminary campus so he could see what's new and what's the same even after 30+ years.  We'll both attend Morning Prayer tomorrow morning at the Seminary Chapel before Convocation begins.  While he has a full day tomorrow on the "holy hill"; I hope to play golf with the Rector and a church friend who will be part of my Parish Discernment Committee (his wife will be the PDC convener).

Today, my most special memory will be wisdom my father shared with me as we discussed Ministry.  As we talked about maintaining the proper perspective of who's ministry it is, Dad gave me this wonderful analogy.  The message comes from God.  God alone.  It is God's Message.  It's like a wave of energy that passes through the air unseen.  The transmission of that signal is picked up by a special receiver that then broadcasts the message to the people.  It is The Word of God.  God's Message, not our own.  The receiver capturing those sound waves, and making them audible to be heard is a radio.  God's Radio.  Bob+ is one of God's Radios.  Dad+ is another one of God's Radios.  That's what the ministry is.  God's Message.  God's Radio.  For God's People.  I pray I may be fit enough some day to be yet another radio for God. 

I've said it before (http://seekingservant.livejournal.com/47210.html), but it bears repeating: My father is one of my heroes.  I love him dearly.  I'm very thankful for this time with him now.