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I like Joe Gibbs, Head Coach of the Washington Redskins.  Of course, you know I like him,  But more than that, I respect him, certainly as a football coach, but more so as a strong Christian witness.  Amidst all that goes into being involved in an NFL franchise during the regular season, Joe Gibbs makes it a priority to be good with God, and makes it his mission to share the Word.  Each week, he offers what he calls a "Weekly Spiritual Game Plan".  They are delivered via audio or video files, or as hardcopy texts.  Here's the 'game plan' Joe shared this past week courtesy of Joe_Gibbs_Online.com.  

"Well thanks for joining me this week.  As usual, I kind of share what’s going on in my life.  You guys may say, well hey, I know you’ve got a lot going on in your life.  But I appreciate you tuning in and letting me share with you a little bit."  

"My Bible study this week has been in Deuteronomy.  And in the twenty-eighth chapter where I’ve been studying, what we see in there is God is laying out a covenant with Israel.  And basically what He said, some of the things in the covenant were guaranteed; but other things in the covenant were conditional.  And the condition was this: it says in God’s Word there in Deuteronomy, “These things shall come to pass.”   In other words, you’ll be blessed if you observe my commandments.  
So really, I started thinking about that and I said, listen, here I am coaching a football team.  I can honestly tell you I reach out to God each and every day.  God guide me.  Keep our players safe.  I pray for the practices, the game plans.  And so I’m reaching out to Him and I’m asking Him for a blessing.  As you guys kind of know, my feeling is that you and I are the players in the game of life.  God’s our head coach and He left the game plan for us, it’s His Word.  And so, as we study these things and play the game, I’m asking God for favor.  Please bless me.  So during the football season and all these things, you know, I’ve got to understand, if I want blessings, it’s conditional.  And the conditions are: am I following His Word and His commandments?"  

"I also was at church this weekend because it was our off weekend.  And Bobby Blanton, our pastor, gave a great sermon.  And really what he was talking about, he said, why do we fall away from God?  And his analysis was, it comes from the fact, as Christians, we start to compromise our beliefs.  And compromise, he said, was an inside job.  And I thought it was interesting he used this illustration: all of us have heard about Troy…and the army that was trying to take the city of Troy.  They couldn’t get it done.  So they came up with a game plan.  They created and built a big Trojan horse.  And they made it hollow on the inside.  And it was hollow enough for some of the soldiers to be inside of it.  They rolled it up in front of Troy and basically they said this is a peace offering.  The people of Troy fell for it, rolled it in.  And during the night those soldiers got out, opened the gates, the army floods Troy, and of course led to the complete demise and destruction of Troy."

"Basically what that was, was what?  That was an inside job.  Basically, also you see in Numbers...we talked about Balaam and his prophesy...if you’re reading Numbers in there.  Basically what had happened there, the king of Moab had gotten a hold of Balaam and he said, look, I want you to prophesy and curse Israel.  Well basically Balaam said, hey, I can’t do that.  God is telling me, you’re not to do that.  Do not curse Israel.  But he also said to the king, I’ve got a different way of getting this done.  I think what we can do from within Israel, we can get them to start worshiping idols.  Okay, and we can get them to start to sin from the inside.  And we can cause a collapse of Israel in a totally different way.  They did that.  They were successful.  And from the inside Israel turned to idolatry and other sins.  And the bottom line is: at one point it says, in Israel twenty-four thousands Israelites lost their life.  Again, what was that?  That was an inside job."

"And so basically, those two points kind of say to me what?  I don’t want to compromise!  And if I’m asking God for favor, then I have to do what?  I have to make sure I’m observing His commandments.  And so, we don’t want to sin.  We want to be in constant study.  And I started thinking about that.  How do I fortify myself and keep myself from compromise?  Because it starts with little small things, then it builds up to bigger things.  So as a Christian, what are the important things for me?  It’s to be studying in God’s Word, His game plan for life.  He’s my head coach.  I need to be studying the game plan to make sure that I don’t fall into compromise.  Prayer, I need to be in constant prayer and Bible study.  I need to be in church, surrounded by other godly people, or in Bible studies like we have here…on Friday morning with our coaches.  And where Lee, Brett, and Jerry, our Chaplains, come in and do Bible studies for us.  I need to be fortifying myself because I’m constantly under attack…as we all are.  So I pray for God to help me in what I say, my witness, and wisdom, certainly as I coach a football team."

"So, many of us out there, really what we are, is we’re fathers, we’re friends, we’re grandparents, okay, and business partners.  So for all of us out there, as we pray for wisdom in all these areas…and certainly we need God’s wisdom and favor…we need to make sure of what?  Hey, there is no compromise in us.  Okay, and we need to be reaching out for God’s strength and direction.  And the way to do that is to constantly do what?  Following His commandments.  So if we want God’s promises that are in His Word, I think the key for us is no compromise, and we’re to follow His principles laid out in His Word."

"I appreciate you following me today in this little study.  I’m just sharing with you basically some of the things that happen for me as we traverse through this football season.  We’ve had two great wins.  We’ve had a horrible loss in the fourth quarter.  And then now we’ve been on a break and we’re getting ready to play the Detroit Lions this week.  So, I’m in the battle.  I need God’s favor!  And I want to make sure I’m not compromising my testimony and my relationship with Him in any way.  Love to kind of send you some material from JoeGibbsOnline.com.  If you would, contact us there.  We’d like to send you a little Bible study and some other information.  And I’ll see you right here next week."