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Devout Sayings: Of Religion In General

Courtesy of Sacred Gift, a tiny booklet of Devout and Useful Sayings published in 1851:

"It signifies nothing to say we will not change our religion, if our religion change not us."

"If a man lives and dies a mere professor, it had been better for him if he had lived and died a mere heathen."

"If God hath done that good for us which he hath denied to the world, we ought to do that service for him which is denied him by the world."

"If we are willing, God will help us; if sincere, God will accept us." 

"If we would not fall into things unlawful, we must sometimes deny ourselves in those that are lawful."

"Salvation then draws near to a man, when it is his main care."

"The gate which leads to life is a strait gate, therefore we should fear; it is an open gate, therefore we should hope."

"Do the Lord's work in the Lord's time: pray whilst God hears; hear whilst God speaks; believe whilst God promises; obey whilst God commands."

"Our opportunities are (like our souls) very precious; but if they are lost, they are irrecoverably lost."

"That preaching that is plain, pure, powerful, and practical, men are apt to dislike."

"Religion begins with a knowledge of a man's self, and is perfected with a knowledge of God."

"This is a threefold mystery: a gospel published in the midst of an ungodly world; a little church preserved in the midst of devils; and a little grace kept alive in the midst of corruptions."

"The service of God is the soul's work; and the favor of God is its reward."

"A man may be imperfect in his obedience, and yet impartial."

"God never fails them that wait for him, nor forsakes them that work for him."

"It is a sign of advanced grace when opinion is swallowed up of religion."


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Oct. 10th, 2007 06:20 pm (UTC)
I hear you met Kate and Rachel at the game.
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