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Aaaahhh, There It Is!

With the coolness that began creeping into our area last night has come some quiet too.  As I sit here now, the wife has left for work, the 'kid'  (yes, we have a niece spending the week with us) is off to school, Mulligan had already settled into his morning's nap a while ago, and now Gibbs has finally joined him. 

Quiet.  Save for the hum of the laptop, and my occasional tappity-tap on the keyboard, it is quiet.  Blissfully quiet.  And cool.  Thank you, Lord.

As I gaze out the front window to see leaves swaying in the breeze amidst occasional rays of sunlight or shadows from the clouds, it is quiet.

Moments like this don't come along often enough.  While there is movement out in the world, it is still and calm and serene here.

I would linger longer, but the Rector is Chaplain of the Day at Washington National Cathedral.  I will venture out later this morning to make the Noon Day Eucharist.  I hope and pray the Cathedral Center for Prayer & Pilgrimage will be open today (as it wasn't the last time I went to WNC).  Sometime this afternoon or tonight, I have to finish my "Shield" for tomorrow's CPE Seminar Day.  I believe I'll be one of the few (if not the only one) who uses images rather than words.

Today is the last of those weekdays where I have no real agenda.  Beginning next week, I should begin clinical visits and ministrations at Goodwin House as part of my CPE work.  Besides the regular Friday seminar day with the group, I hope to be there some of each other weekday.  Perhaps some Sundays for Chapel too.  I'm seeking some kind of rhythm in this ministry thing.  But the quiet I find right here - right now - it is nice.

Yes, the thought has occurred to me.  Is this the quiet before the storm?    


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Oct. 11th, 2007 09:54 am (UTC)
but we LIKE storms
Nothing to fear--remember who calms the storms. It's all good.
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