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Who Me? The Results Show

We shared our 'Shields' today as part of our Orientation wrap-up at CPE.  As I suspected, I was the only one to use images.  I am satisfied with the result.  It seemed to be well-received.  Sadly, the final product does not scan very well to see the details (right?!) so I'll break it apart and share it in a different manner.

o  Saddest Moment in Past Year 
                                        Putting Tobias Down  

o  3 Things You Do Well
   1) Loving My Wife  2) I Sing Well  3) Youth Group Work  

o  3 Growing Edges
1) Grounded in Scripture & Prayer  2) Discerning God's Call  3) Pastoral Competence 
o  Happiest Moment/Achievement in Past Year
Moment - Mulligan picked Gibbs 
 Achievement - Sang Exsultet at Caroline's Baptism

o  3 Words You Would Like or Not Like People to Say About You 

o  If You had $200,000 and One Year ...
          Take Chrissie on a Golf Odyssey around the World

o  What do I "hold fast" to?
                       My Marriage to Chrissie