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Seeking New Heights

Last night, Gibbs was just a tad bit excited and began flying about the room, so much so that he was able to leaping up ON furniture.  He'd been sleeping a lot in the past few days, so we were preparing for the outcome of this latest growth spurt.  The growth must be in his legs - they're not longer, but they do seem stronger.  With the extra spring in his step, he has realized he can now jump up into the love seats (easily I might add).  I couldn't help but exclaim. "I'M FLYING, I CAN FLY!!" (just like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer).

Well this morning, our little guy was beginning to exhibit the Mountain Goat side of his inquisitive personality:

Uh oh, I fear nothing good can possibly come of this!  But please be sure to note that beatific face. "Who? Me? What?"